Trade union committee of AUPET students

Do you want to become a demanded and highly qualified specialist? Go to AUPET! Do you want to have a bright and memorable students life? Join to trade union and work in trade committee! Here you will find friends, learn to organize a good way to live, develop the best featuries of your personality!

AUPET activities

Power Engineer Day!

On December,22 a grand meeting for teachers and staff of our university, dedicated to the Power Engineer Day was held at AUPET assembly hall. On the meeting a complimentary speech was made by rector Syrgaliyev E.O., who shared a good news: a book about the history of Kazakhstan power engineering was published, primarily of information about university and the first rector of NJSC «АUPET» Daukeyev G.Zh.. In honor of professional holiday, teachers and staff were awarded by rewards and certificates of merit.

Zheltoqsan ko'terelisi - ta'welsizdik bastawy'

On October,15 2016 y. at AUPET sport base took place citywide football tournaments among hei's veterans and teachers of Almaty c., dedicated to the memory of Erbol Sypatayev, who died while December incidents in 1986y. Tournaments were organized by urban governance of physical education and sport, with the support of city akimat, AUPET administration. On the ceremonial opening of tournament spoke veterans of December incidents, Erbol Sypatayev's friends and hero's relatives.

Ta'welsiz Qazaqstangha 25 zhy'l

The day before Independence Day, December,15 at assembly hall took place a grand meeting, dedicated to anniversary date. It was started with the national Anthem of country, followed by the words of congratulations from AUPET rector Syrgaliyev E.O. to gathered people. Celebratory video, shot specially for 25-anniversary of Independence, even more uplifted attended people. Brilliant of meeting was awarding of staff with Honor certificates, thank you letters, money prizes.

Bon Duel

On November,15 in youth center «Entel» took place a culinary competition «Bon Duel», in which participated students, who live at dormitories. Winners of culinary competition «Bon Duel»: Ryabtsev Aleksey - 3 place, Konakbayeva Meruyert - 2 place, and Artykbay Aygerim - the winner.

Mister AUPET

One of the most long-awaited activities of autumn - «Мister AUPET». in this competition boys have a chance to shine, achieve their talents. Boys could demonstrate their skills in competitions: defile, home task, intellectual games and competition-surprize.


November, 18 in the assembly hall of education-sport building named after Daukeyev G.Zh. took place a competition "Miss AUPET 2016". Hall was filled to capacity - even before the start of competition it was obvious: won't be any free places! Contest was conducted in 4 stages: "Defile", "Erudition", "Surprize", "Home task".

Spartakiad of AUPET

From 20.10 to 20.11.2016y. interfaculties contests on volleyball, basketball, football, toghy'z qu'malaq, chess, badminton and table tennis were held. Faculty teams figured, which team is better, stronger, cleverer, faster, more precise. Our best sportman have a no bad fitness.

Woohoo! We are the champions!

29-30.10 2016 y. took place a spartakiad among students of higher educational institutions of Almaty c. under the realization of Program to attract citizens to systematical physical exercises and sport - «Sportty'q Almaty' 2016», dedicated to the celebration of 1000 - anniversary of Almaty and и 25- anniversary of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan.1 place – AUPET; 2 place – Narhoz;3 place - KazNRTU

Dance city

Under the project «Almaty Youth Awards» city dance competition «Students Dance Battle» was held, which was organized by the students of Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. Competition was conducted in 2 stages: 1 - qualifying round, 2 - final. In competition participated such universities as: CAU, AUPET, KazNU na. Al-Farabi, KazNMU na. Asfendiyarov, KazNAI na. Zhurgenov T., АTU.

The best group of Almaty

At Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications walls was conducted a city competition “The best student’s group” of city student youth, dedicated to the 25-anniversary of Independence of Republic of Kazakhstan, 1000 - anniversary of Almaty city and First President Day. It empowered developments of our students talents and defined the best student groups of city. In comperition participated the best groups of Almaty.


Everybody must, at least, rest once a year, so according to tradition, students trade committee together with the winners of freshman Decade and prisers of «Aupet talent show” traveled to Butakovka. The target of this travel was to obtain bright emotions, rise team spirit and just have a nice time. Students performed excellent team-building, played funny games, had a tasty dinner and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Boys and girls really liked the travel: because it gave a chance to make new friends, dive into student life and learn even more about university.

AUPET Talents Show

Student years have dozens of events, which will be forever remembered in human memory, present unforgettable emotions. One of the most important activities for freshman is «Aupet talеnts show”. Right here the can fill the students spirit. Participants surprised jury with bright performance. But the biggest surprise waited for all attended at the end of the evening - life, the rector of university Erzhan Omirhanovich Syrgaliyev played on guitar a song of the Beatles! It was the real surprise, which delighted all listeners!!!

"Interests fair"

On September,1 took place a «Interests fair», which presented a holiday mood to many of us. This fair gave a chance to show own talents, obtain creative inspiration, meet new friends. From 9:00 to 18:00 in front of building «B» everybody could determine, in which sphere he can realiza himself as creative person: in «Gibrat», «Ulaget», КVN, charity club «SSS», in debats (kazakh and russian leagues), in vocal, in dance, student union, TV project «StudiA315», in organization sector and in many others – total in 14 directions.

Hobby clubs

Ұlaғat ұzhymy - tөl әdebietіmіzben bіrge әlem әdebietіn oқuғa ұmtylu arқyly tarixқa mojyn bұramyz, әrtүrlі xalyқtyң mәdenietіmen tanys bolamyz

Ғibrat - қazaқ salt - dәstүrlі men tіlіn damytu zhәne nasixattau maқsatynda ashylғan «Ғibrat» tanymdyқ ұjymy.

KVN қazaқsha - sіz adamdardy kүldіrte alam deseңіz zhәne әzіl zhaza bіlseңіz , өzіңіzdі zharқyn zhәne kөңіldі zhanmyn dep esepteseңіz.ZHajdarmannyң ojynynda өz kүshіңіzdі kөrsetіңіz.

CSM - you are funny and humourous, flamboyant and artistic? Show what you can in CSM!

ELC - our English Learning Club is for those who would like to become more fluent , expand their vocabulary, and make new friends. It will help you to get through the language barrier and enjoy the learning.

Football Cup (Football Cup Aupet) – like football? Join us!

StudiA-315 - is a student video studio. The most interesting moments from university life are recorded by boys in bright, funny, enlighting, and sometimes moving videos.

CCC (Children charity club) - club of partial people, who can help destitute people, to do good!

Brei-ring, russian leaque - right here you can show your intellect and analytical thinking in contest conditions.

Debate club, russian leaque - crave to learn how to defense your opinion, develop rhetorical skills, overcome fear in front of big audience?! Fast to debates!

Vocal club - your dream to be a star of the stage can realize right here!

Dance club: bright, energetic - it is all about the members of dance club! They all try out constantly in new directions and show wonderfull acts.

Guitar club - play on guitar or dream to master this instrument for a long time? You are in here - guitar club.

Debate club "ENERGO" - that it a place, where you will meet with interesting people, learn to stand free in front of audience, broaden your horizons, understand world events, will win, and just have a nice time!


Was approved at general meeting of AUPET trade union organization on October,2 2014г.


Code of honor of AUPET student establishes the main ethical rules, for these implementation all students of university must seek, regardless of specialty end education form.
AUPET student must seek to become honourable civilian of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professional in chosen specialty, developing the best sides of his personality.
Status of AUPET student implies voluntary compliance with this Code, based on high standards of ethical rules, that are specific for Kazakhstan society.

1. General regulations:

1.1 Education at AUPET is a honor and privilige of every university student.

1.2 Under the implementation of AUPET mission, the main tasks of students are:

  • Carefull attitude to university prestige and its further augmentation;
  • Acquisition of knowledges, that meets the needs of national and global market of intellectual labor and allows to become a highly qualified specialist;
  • Formation of active living attitude and teacing of civil maturity.
  • 1.3 While giving an oath on AUPET students Initiation student agrees and takes for implementation all regulations of Code.

    2. General principles:

    2.1 The main ethic rules, that regulate behaviour of AUPET student in all spheres and expressions of his student life are:

  • Honesty;
  • Human attitude;
  • Trustment;
  • Truth;
  • Justice;
  • Respect;
  • Integrity of principles;
  • Responsibility.
  • 2.2 Unacceptable behaviour of AUPET student includes:

  • Cheating;
  • Assistance to cheating;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Delay;
  • Truancy;
  • Disrespect to teacher (failure of discipline);
  • Giving or taking cash reward;
  • Nepotism (service support of yours, favouritism);
  • Falsification of education certificates.
  • 3. Norms and rules of student behaviour at university:

    3.1 Mutual respect:

  • Student must follow the rules of mutual courtesy and respect in relation to professors-teachers personnel, staff, other students.
  • 3.2 Good faith:

  • Strictly follow the schedule of education process;
  • Attend mandatory study lessons, perform within deadline all kinds of tasks, that are included in study schedule and educational programs;
  • Student must do everything in its power, to achieve high results in studying.
  • 3.3 Discipline:

  • Student must be disciplined, neat outfit. Forbidden to stay in outerclothing at study courses;
  • Such actions of university students as theft of property, stay drunk at university, consumption of alcohol drinks, smoking in building, in front of building entance are forbidden;
  • Loud conversations, noise and other activities, impeding the study process, are forbidden at study courses;
  • On lessons moblie phones must be switched off or switched to mute;
  • During the breaks between study lessons students relax within the alloted places (foyer, halls etc.);
  • It is not acceptable to talk on mobile phones, gum consumption on lessons and in library, chewing, excessive show of feelings and emotional impulses are also contradict the ethic rules;
  • 3.4 Punctuality

  • Entrance of students in classes after the beginning of lessons are forbidden until break. In exceptional cases entrance is accepteptable with the allowing of teacher;
  • Prohibitialy to come in and go out from the class during lessons.
  • 3.5 Activeness

  • Student should be active and participate in study, science, social and sport life of university.
  • 3.6 Prudence

  • Student must accurately and carefully treat with property of university: not to damage the buildings, furniture and other equipment of study courses, laboratories and dormitories, not to write on tables and other places;
  • Student must accurately treat with the library fond of university.
  • 3.7 Responsibility

  • According to Charter of university, student is the personally responsible for observance of behaviour principles of the present Code.

    Contact information:

    Аlmaty, А.Baitursynov str.,126. А-315

    +7(727) 292 30 80