In State obligatory standard of postgraduate education (approved by resolution of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan № 1080 from the 23rd of August 2012) in division 1. «Magistracy» in paragraph 86 is formulated the claim:«Master’s thesis work has to be checked on the subject of plagiarism, which rules and procedure are determined by university independently».

By the decision of Academic Council of AUPET from the 25th of May 2013 for checking on the subject of plagiarism of Master’s thesis works, and further PhD’s thesis works, Masters (PhDs) have to:

  • After passing a preliminary defense, receiving all signs, and not less than 7 days prior to a defense, but before an access to defense bring to CITS for 3 working days an electronic version of your thesis work on a disk in Word 2003-2007 format (without passwords – in one file, including all title pages and enclosures, optimized images not bigger than 20 Mb) + clean copy of your thesis with all signs (except the Head of the Department) for checking on the subject of plagiarism in Internet and database of accumulated previous thesis works of AUPET.
  • After comparison of thesis clean copy and file, CITS holds electronic version on AUPET server for its inclusion in AUPET database of accumulated thesis works; checks it and prints the result of checking paper indicating the percentage of plagiarism (borrowings), signs it by the person who is responsible for the checking and the Head of CITS and sends it to the Head of the Department with a detailed electronic report on a magistrate disk for a decision on acceptability of the indicated percentage of plagiarism (borrowings).
  • Under a favorable decision on the result of checking, the Head of the Department within 1 working day signs and sends the result of checking paper to the Department of postgraduate education EMD for approval seal of EMD and returning to the Department. After that, the Head gives completely signed thesis work and result of checking paper to student for the defense. On the defense student has to present the result of checking paper with the seal of EMD. EMD daily informs CITS about students, who are admitted to the defense, and CITS posts their thesis works on external site for open viewing to all who wish from Internet.
  • Under an unfavorable decision, a Master student can correct the thesis and within 3 working days pass the procedure again, have rewritten on the disk the revised version and have printed own thesis work again. The checking is not provided for the 3rd time – student does the thesis work again in the next academic period.
  • Before bringing thesis work for the checking we recommend students independently verifying own work, have installed the program ПЛАГИАТА.НЕТ. We also recommend independently verifying own work, especially annotation, formulation of the tasks, computational research (not a review) part, conclusion in the online resources like

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